Specializing in erosion, corrosion and chemical protection, Belzona is a world leader in the design and manufacture of repair composites and protective coatings for machinery, equipment, buildings and structures.
Founded in 1952, we are one of the few global companies which offer innovative solutions combined with the technical know-how to meet the demands of a variety of industries. From full turnkey solutions such as vessel linings to pump efficiency coatings, our extensive experience ensures that we can provide cost effective systems which offer long-term repair and protection with minimal downtime; meeting our clients’ specific requirements. With a global distribution network covering over 120 countries, we offer 24-hour technical support and on-site assistance.
The range of Belzona product is as below:
Series 1000
The Belzona 1000 series includes a range of products that can repair protect and improve all aspects of your machinery and equipment.
1. To rebuild shafts in the bearing mounting place, casing of pump and containments, various type of pipe, Heat Exchanger and threated surface
Bz1111, Bz1121, Bz1311
2. Emergency repair, leaking sealing kit online, rebuild of wet, oily surface, and ability to be apply under water
Bz1291, Bz1211, Bz1161, Bz5831
3. All type of anti-erosion/corrosion product for inter part of pumps, containment, pipeline heat exchanger, and valves(temperature resistance -40°C to 185°C)
Bz1321, Bz1391, Bz1523, Bz1593
Series 2000
The Belzona 2000 series for abrasion resistant coatings and for the repair and protection of flexible components.
1. Rebuild of different rubber parts such as conveyer belt, Expansion Joint, Rubber lining for pumps, containment, valves
Bz2111, Bz2211
2. Coating of different rubber parts and metallic such as expansion joint
Bz2121, Bz2211
3. Universal repair of rubber parts in the form of liquid and able to be molded for building all type of gasket and diaphragm.
Bz2131, Bz2221

It is necessary to consider that before use above products you must utilize the conditioner Bz2911, Bz2921

Series 3000
The Belzona 3000 series for Water proofing systems for the repair and protection of buildings and structures.
Coating and sealing of building and industrial equipment expose to corrosion and erosion such as containments pipeline and riser of oil rig.
Bz3111, Bz3121, Bz3211

Series 4000
The Belzona 4000 series for repair and protection of concrete subject to abrasion, impact and chemical attack.
1. To repair all type of concrete surface expose to erosion and corrosion, impact and mechanical vibration such as concrete base of containment, pumps and etc.
Bz4111, Bz4131, Bz4151, Bz4301
2. Coating of concrete surface expose to acidic, wet surfaces.
Bz4311, Bz4341
It is necessary to consider that before use above products you must utilize the conditioner Bz4911

Series 5000
The Belzona 5000 series for protection against physical attack, chemical or bacteriological in a diverse range of environments.
Bz5811, Bz5891, Bz5831, Bz5851, Bz5111